Divorce & Family Lawyer In Richmond, Virginia

When two people come to the decision to divorce, it doesn’t have to be a combative experience, even with complex issues involved. Ensure your legal rights are protected when your emotions may be running high. We work hard on your behalf and avoid unnecessary conflict, especially when children, custody, and support are involved. Count on our firm for personalized attention and devotion to protecting your rights.

This area of law encompasses all facets of familial issues involving adults, children, and domestic partners. Additionally, our firm handles premarital and postmarital agreements, adoption, custody, child support, alimony, juvenile delinquency, paternity, and visitation rights. With Anne H. Harris Law Office on your side, everyone wins.

Custody situations are handled with the delicacy and compassion children deserve. We help ensure minor children’s rights are addressed with their best interests in mind. Whether it’s divorce, custody issues, child support, or visitation, count on us to create the best possible situation for all parties involved.

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