Personal Injury Law – Car Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Law – Car Accident Attorneys

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself after a car accident is to find an experienced auto accident attorney. Medical attention, a police or accident report and a call to your insurance provider are all vital but finding a good lawyer can be of equal importance. More here @ injury lawyers

The first thing you should ask a potential car collision lawyer is about their experience. Do they have particular experience in handling the type of case that you are involved in? Are they familiar with the area and state auto accident laws? Are they upfront about the potential outcomes of your case and willing to talk about past outcomes of similar cases? Will they provide you with a free case evaluation even if only to answer any questions that you have? These questions are all very important initial questions to ask any law firm which may be working for you on your auto accident case.

Our Law Group has years of experience handling auto accident cases. We are well versed in auto accident laws and have experience dealing with large insurance corporations, other attorneys and law enforcement. We offer free case evaluations on any auto accident. Please see this website for more information @
Personal injury and auto accident law firms should offer free consultations with an attorney who works for the firm you call. In many cases marketing companies loosely associated with other attorneys will pass your inquiry on to smaller legal offices and get commissions from them. When you call or contact our office you will speak with the car collision attorney who will be with you throughout your case. We never outsource our clients to others or take commissions from doing so.

You should always be treated courteously and professionally by any law firm you contact. Your lawyers and their staff should inform you of their process and of the potential for your case to be handled by a lawyer. Your lawyer should never promise you successful results or large monetary settlements. Any law firm you contract should outline all possible results of your case and be upfront about how long your case will take to settle.

In most every car accident situation, an auto accident lawyer should take your case on a contingency fee basis. A contingent fee is a preset percentage of a successfully settled case that the law firm takes as payment. This fee is always upfront and your law firm should try to settle on an amount with contingent fees in mind. With your case being tried as a contingent fee you will not have to pay anything until your lawyer successfully settles your case. If your law firm is not able to settle your case you should not have to pay them these fees.

Our Law Group takes most auto accident cases on contingency fee basis, allowing our clients to have instant legal assistance without worrying about high legal fees. Contact our office for a free consultation and we will begin working on your case immediately.